Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do the medications come from? How do I know they’re safe?

    Our medications are supplied from a drug wholesaler in Louisiana. Every drug we buy is approved by the FDA. Our medications are supplied from the same manufacturers as every national chain.

  • Are generics the same as the name-brand medications I’m prescribed?

    In order to be legally sold as a generic drug, it must be rated by the FDA as equivalent to the brand name.
  • How can you get them at such low prices?

    Our pricing strategy is a totally different concept for drug pricing. Our prices are determined from the true cost of the medication. Most of our competitors base their prices off the average wholesale price, or as a discount off of the cost of the brand name.
  • How can you by-pass the insurance companies?

    If a customer has insurance, it is his or her choice to use it. Our prices are so great that customers often find more savings by paying out of pocket than they would using insurance and co-pays.
  • Will I automatically get my next refill, or do I need to request it?

    It is the customer’s choice. We can set up medications to automatically refill, or the customer can submit a request to fill it.
  • Is my information safe to submit online?

    Yes – your privacy and security are paramount to us! Our site and all forms are protected with SSL certificate and we follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule to ensure that all of the information you provide us is encrypted, safely transmitted, and never stored.
  • Our pharmacists are available Mon-Fri from 8:30-6:00 and Sat 8:30-1. A pharmacist can be reached via phone at 855-779-8646 or by email at
  • Once your prescription is received from your doctor or pharmacy, your prescription will typically arrive by mail within 2 business days.
  • Once you submit a request, our staff will contact your doctor or pharmacy. Once we have confirmed the prescription, our staff will fill your prescription. Next, we will contact you for payment information, and then mail your prescription via USPS.
  • We will contact you once we have confirmed your prescription with your doctor and/or pharmacy if you are transferring a prescription. Payment can be made over the phone with a credit card.